do you need trees planted at your home or business?

As tree experts, we have the resources to plant new trees of any type and various sizes all around your property.

Tree Planting

tree planting

Trees are a critical component to our eco system. Every year trees are removed for a variety of reasons, some good and some not. For whatever reason you had your trees removed, please remember we need trees in our communities. Trees are very common in South Florida.

hardwood tree planting

Hardwood trees are a great way to spruce up your property. Unlike the other types of trees, hardwoods need a bit of planning to consider rooting into nearby underground utlities, building foundation, sidewalks and other plants that may not do well in the shade. These trees play a vital role in air quality, protection from the sun and homes for wildlife. Whether you might be interested in the Black Olive tree to reach up to 50' or a Live Oak tree to stand up to hurricanes or the popular Ficus Tree, at Eager Beaver Tree & Stump we are experts in planting all kinds of trees. We can help you map out your project, plant all the trees and provide ongoing maintenance year round.