snow removal


Roof Snow Removal Available Excessive snow removal on roof estimates given depending on depth of snow accumulation

snow blowing verse snow plowing


Are you tired of snow plow trucks:

  • Damaging your driveway, the yard, lawn hitting corners of buildings, smashing flowerpots!?
  • Burying your mailbox, fire number and piling up snow against doors and windows!?
  • Does the first plow of the season look ugly mixed with dirt and leaves?
  • Are the plow piles at the end of your driveway dangerously blocking your view of on coming street traffic?
  • Did your plow service throw in the towel last winter because of too much snow to push?
concierge snow removal

IS YOUR SOLUTION providing a custom tailored plan preserving your property and while enjoy the beauty of winter in the Northwoods.


  • Plow trucks scratch driveways and scrape up gravel, sand and lawns. SNOW BLOWERS gently remove snow from any surface or be calibrated for base for snowmobile traffic.
  • Snow removal from pedestrian walkways of you choice to maintain access to doors, garages, firewood and even the ott house
  • Hand shovel along car garage door and service door.
  • Remove snow around fire number and mail box so you can be found.
  • Remove blind spot snow piles at the driveway so you see fast moving snowmobiles, joggers and cars.
  • Snow Blowers have NO LIMITS... NONE
  • Owner operator John will perform the work and will NOT be subcontracting the job out to a third party🇺🇸
  • Worker comp and general liability certificate available