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Questions about stump grinding & removal? We have extensive experience removing unwanted tree stumps, even the stubborn ones. Large stumps, small stumps, deep roots - we remove them all.

Eager Beaver Tree & Stump Your best source for tree stump removal

Stump removal requires extensive experience to safely remove tree stumps. Even though the tree has been cut down, the roots for that tree travel deep underground where utility pipes and lines are at risk of being damaged.

Tree Stump Grinding Machine

Stump Grinding machine Stump grinding machines are invaluable at saving time and removing unwanted tree stumps of any size. Eager Beaver Tree & Stump is properly equipped with the very best tools to tackle any size project on your commercial and/or residential property. Call us for a free quote.

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Tree Stump Grinding Machine

stump grinding experience Learning to operate a stump grinder is only part of the battle. Knowing when and where to grind is a skill that comes with time. Utilities can be marked with some degree of accuracy, but knowing if and where sprinkler lines exist requires more equipment and the proper experience.

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Tree Stump Grinding Machine

stump grinding equipment Removing tree stumps may call for special requirements. At Eager Beaver Tree & Stump we have a plan and method for every situation. We devoted our life to being the best tree service company, delivering impressive results on time and on budget. You get what you pay for - trust us to deliver.

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About Eager Beaver Tree & Stump services

John & Holly offer the highest quality tree removal service in the Wisconsin local areas.

  • We are heavily invested in our business to deliver the best experience for our customers. Our equipment is the best in the industry which means you will have the best tree removal service available.
  • Tree removal is our passion! We aim to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and we have the resources and experience to deliver on our promise to perform.
  • We promise to safely remove any tree from your property, being extra cautious about underground utilities, sprinkler systems, power lines, fencing and of course homes and vehicles.
  • Your project will be performed on time, on budget and with perfection, leaving behind no unwanted debris. You will be amazed by the functionality of our massive Tree Mek as it grabs each branch with precision then slices with ease.

Dangerous machines require experienced operators

Did you know? Landscaping companies have been getting into the stump removal business, often, letting inexperienced persons operate these dangerous machines? Worker's Compensation is a very expensive cost in our industry. Not so with landscaping. Before you let anyone remove a tree stump, demand they show you proof of insurance and worker's compensation for tree & stump removal. If any underground utilities get damaged, you could be left with costly repairs.

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  • Any home any place stump removal services
  • Commercial property any size projects
  • Experienced and insured to work in all communities
  • We are well-known with great references

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  • Safety gear warn at all times
  • Experience in operating grinding equipment
  • We know where and how to grind safely

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  • We work diligently as promised