Questions about stump grinding & removal?

We have extensive experience removing unwanted tree stumps, even the stubborn ones. Large stumps, small stumps, deep roots - we remove them all.


Stump Grinding machine

Stump grinding machines are invaluable at saving time and removing unwanted tree stumps of any size. Eager Beaver Tree & Stump is properly equipped with the very best tools to tackle any size project on your commercial and/or residential property.


stump grinding experience

Learning to operate a stump grinder is only part of the battle. Knowing when and where to grind is a skill that comes with time. Utilities can be marked with some degree of accuracy, but knowing if and where sprinkler lines exist requires more equipment and the proper experience.


stump grinding equipment

Removing tree stumps may call for special requirements. At Eager Beaver Tree & Stump we have a plan and method for every situation. We devoted our life to being the best tree service company, delivering impressive results on time and on budget. You get what you pay for - trust us to deliver.

Your best source for tree stump removal

Stump removal requires extensive experience to safely remove tree stumps. Even though the tree has been cut down, the roots for that tree travel deep underground where utility pipes and lines are at risk of being damaged.