Can i use wood chips in winter when it is snowy?

Wood chips can also provide additional traction on frozen surfaces.

Wood Chips

Wood Chips

Eager Beaver Tree and Stump produces wood chips that can be used for winter animal bedding. Wood chips can also be used for controlling erosion in hilly areas of your property.

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How many years do I have left on my old roof?

This is a question we get asked a lot but there is no standard answer that is always correct. Like many things in life there are variables. The best we can do is provide some guidelines to equip you with reasonable expectations. Just to give you an idea of why this question can be tricky to answer, we’ve seen 11 year old roofs curling up like tortilla chips and leaking like a spaghetti strainer; and, we’ve seen roofs installed by the 80 year old homeowner 30 years ago that keep the home drier than saltine crackers. Obviously, every roof and situation is different.

Which shingles do you recommend?

Will I need a building permit for a new roof?

Who will be pulling any required permit?